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  • Do I need a reservation?
    No reservations are required or available. All ranges operate on a first come, first served basis.
  • Do you provide firearms training?
    Yes, a variety of training is available. Please contact and specify what type of training you are seeking for more information.
  • Do you provide firearms rentals?
    No, we do not provide firearms rentals.
  • May I bring a guest to the range and do they have to pay?
    Yes, you may bring a guest, and they also have to pay for their range time based on the current fee schedule.
  • Can I fish or barbecue at the fishing point?
    Only Regular Members and their guests are allowed access to the fishing point to fish, picnic, or barbecue. The Regular Member MUST be present at all times.
  • Do you have ammunition for sale at your range(s)?
    Yes, we do have limited amounts of common rifle and pistol cailber ammunition for sale at the Rifle & Pistol Range. There are currently limits on the amount you can buy due to the Nationwide ammunition shortage. All ammo sold at the Rifle or Skeet ranges are for on-site consumption only. You must sign & agree to use all ammo at RRGC. We do not sell ammo "to go." At the Trap and Skeet range, you must purchase our non-toxic & biodegradable ammunition to shoot to protect the bay.
  • What is the minimum age requirement to use firearms at RRGC?
    8 years old is the absolute minimum. Juniors (8-17 years old) shoot for free, but must be accompanied and directly supervised by a paid parent or guardian.
  • How do I get a lane at the Pistol and Rifle Range?
    Follow the signs posted in the parking lot to check-in. You will need your membership card to rent a lane, and government-issued IDs for all guests.
  • Can I bring my (insert exotic gun here)?
    Yes, for the most part. The only prohitibted firearms are .50 BMG caliber firearms and shotguns without stocks.
  • May I bring my own ammunition?
    Yes, at the rifle & pistol range you may.
  • Can I shoot a shotgun on the Rifle and Pistol Range?
    Yes, you can shoot a shotgun on the Pistol range. There are two lanes specifically for shooting shotguns. Buckshot, Birdshot, and slugs are allowed. It must have a shoulder stock. "Pistol grip only" shotguns are not allowed on the Pistol range.
  • How many people can I bring to the range?
    We allow two people at the front bench per lane on the Pistol Range. We only allow one person per bench on the Rifle range. Only 1 person may fire a firearm at a time.
  • How do I get a round of skeet/trap?
    Proceed down to the skeet house along the point (please adhere to the 5MPH speed limit). In the skeet house, sign in and purchase tokens/ammo. All shotguns must be visibly unloaded unless on the firing line.
  • Can I bring my own shotgun ammo?
    No. At the Trap and Skeet range, you must purchase our non-toxic & biodegradable ammunition to shoot to protect the bay.
  • How do I become a member?
    To become an Associate member, select 'membership' from the menu, and submit your information with payment. Associate memberships is the base level membership required to access range facilities and services. If you would like to upgrade to regular membership -- you may after 6 months with a sponsor or chairperson to sign off on your application.
  • What are the benefits to being a Regular Member?
    In addition to lowered cost of lane rentals ($5/hour), Regular Members get: earlier range access hours ability to purchase components access to the fishing point, boat launch, & BBQ area the ability to sponsor new members clubhouse and bar access voting power in annual elections opportunity to become a Range Officer at one of our three ranges
  • How do I renew my membership
    RRGC membership renewals can now be done online. Login to your member page from 'login' on the menu or directly at Please follow instructions below to reset your password to access your new account: 1)    Enter your email address. 2)    Select “Forgot password”. 3)    You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Click on the link and enter in your new password. Note this password down in a secure place. 4)    Select “login” to your account. 5)    Login with your User ID and password.   Once you set up your account, use the tab for membership.  It will offer you two types of membership renewals.  Click on the membership renewal that pertains to you:   Regular Member Renewal  2023-2024     $80.00    Associate Member Renewal 2023-2024   $40.00   1)   Enter your name (it should be filled in), click next.   2)   Enter your credit card information. 3)   Hit subscribe and pay to complete the transaction.    *Do not sign up for a new membership.  Choose the renewal at $80 or $40 to process your payment.   Using the database is the preferred method to pay your dues.  We are a volunteer organization with 3,600+ members so please use the information above to pay on-line.    If you need an alternative to an online payment, please write a check to Richmond Rod and Gun Club for the amount you owe (Regular Member $80 or Associate member $40).  Please write your member number in the memo line.  Send to: Richmond Rod and Gun Club  Attn:  Member Services 3155 Goodrick Ave. Richmond, CA  94801   You can also write a check and place it in the green mailbox of our office across from the clubhouse / bar. Be sure to write your name and member number on the envelope prior to dropping it in the mailbox.  This is not the preferred method of payment but we are trying to accommodate all our members.   Payments at any check in building or bar are not recommended.   If we do not have an email address on file for you, we will mail out dues notices.  The goal would be to minimize this option as our membership has increased and it creates more work / cost.
  • Email Blasts
    We use MailChimp to send out email blasts with club information. It has recently been updated to include all current members that have supplied us their email address. Expect to see our monthly bulletin, social events and club information in your inbox. We don’t send out many emails but do want to keep you updated. If you unsubscribe to that MailChimp account, you will not receive club emails.
  • Do I need a Membership card?
    Yes, you need your membership card to access the club*. If you need assistance obtaining your membership card, please email We need a photo of your face (no hat or sunglasses) to create your membership card. Do not send copies of your driver’s license or passport - we can not accept them. *except action range matches such as USPSA and IDPA that are also open to the public.
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